Karaoke May 8

Alright, alright, alright... We're about to Ante Up on this one.
Our next edition of Karaoke Night, hosted by the wonderful Todd Eberline of UpNext Karaoke happens Sunday, May 8th!

Not only is it Mother's Day but we've got birthday celebrations lined up as well, so we wanted to make this one special by turning it into a costume party! If you've got a hangover from Saturday Night, you'd better Shake It Off. 😉

Break out the spandex, mullet wigs, shiny glove, et al, and dress up as your favourite musician. Best costume wins a bottle of Fireball.. talk about Fancy.

So Get Busy with those costumes and come Bust A Move with us, cos we 'bout to Get The Party Started.. You'd be Crazy to miss this one.

(Psst, we recommend taking the following day off work.. Nobody likes a Blue Monday!)

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